September 25 2014

Tips on how to light up your home - room by room


Our hallway is the first place wherein visitors have their first impression of our house. It is necessary for us to provide a welcoming and warm effect to this room. I was advised to choose hall lightings that give out soft lights like wall sconces, chandeliers, hanging pendants and lanterns. I chose to use the right type of lighting in my hallway in harmony with my huge mirror, which brings more attention to the effects of my hallway lighting.

Living Room

The living room is where I usually have my leisure time. The lighting in the living room must be functional and easily controllable. In my living room, I used a mixture of ceiling, pendant and floor-standing lamps that are strategically placed around the room. The lamps I used can be switched off and on individually (I installed dimmer switches to control the lighting) to set the perfect mood in my living room. I also used ready made curtains for it is a great way to save money on electricity for you can easily open curtains to let the natural light come in; in addition, that these kind of curtains are much cheaper than those custom-made curtains. There are unlimited styles, patterns, materials and colors available for these type of curtains. I chose the best material and color that complements my living room furniture and lighting,

Dining Room

One of my favorite rooms is the dining room. In this room, I can invite my family and friends to gather for a regular dinner or for a lavish and elegant dinner party. It is necessary to light this particular area so that my visitors can see each other and their foods well. I decided to use a track light that is situated directly over the dining table. However, I also put floor-standing uplighter, which effectively creates a cosy and ambient effect to the room by taking the light away from the dining table. This is ideal to use when dinner was over and coffee or teatime starts as conversations are now the focus.


The lighting in my kitchen is task oriented and utilitarian. I put under-cupboard lights wherein it will focus on my work surfaces and a concave ceiling spotlight, which will create a clean effect in the whole kitchen. Sometimes, there are kitchens that are also used for entertaining visitors, in this case, I can suggest considering dimmer lights to provide that less clinical effect in the room.

There are different kinds of lights available in the market today. Choosing what is best for your specific room can be achieved easily by knowing each room’s purpose and function. Let your imagination go wild by experimenting new items.